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We are living in an era where Yoga has become a huge business. Many people find the terms like ‘Kriya yoga’ and ‘Kundalini awakening’ attractive. The temptations of people who want to explore the path of Yoga has led to the rise of many organizations. This has caused a lot of misuse and myths. The knowledge about the genuine path of Yoga has become a tiny needle which got lost in a huge haystack of lies and myths.

The purpose of Yoga is to lead a seeker to self-realization, the final liberation which destroys the illusion of separation. In other words, it is a path towards spiritual enlightenment. Lately, I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the path of Yoga and Kundalini awakening. For all those seekers who are into the path of Kriya yoga, I would like to recommend a book that is authentic, direct and simple.

The name of the book is “Kriya Yoga Exposed: The Truth About Current Kriya Yoga Gurus, Organizations & Going Beyond Kriya, Contains the Explanation of a Special Technique Never Revealed Before” by SantataGamana.

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Usually, there is more importance given to a Guru;  The followers of such Gurus give way more importance to the Guru, to the point of worshipping him, taking him as an infallible authority for everything, creating a cult of personality and getting attached to him. Seekers can’t discriminate between fake and genuine gurus. This has led fake gurus to exploit people and brainwash them.

Once these seekers get a long-term exposure to these gurus and organizations, they unconsciously develop attachment and identification to these gurus. The poor seekers do not understand how their unconscious mind works. There is authority bias, confirmation bias, bandwagon effect etc and all these effects occur in the long term without your immediate awareness.  The unconscious mind can betray your conscious intentions..

SantataGamana, the author of the book, is only interested to share a few important things to Kriya Yoga community, the important guidelines which are never given by the popular gurus today. He is not looking for followers or disciples and he doesn’t want to create an organization.

The author says the following about the book, which is very important:

“This book will help you become free from the dogmas and beliefs created by the Kriya Gurus, organizations and Kriya literature, and also help you awaken the essential discernment needed to take that very important step forward, toward yourself, toward your True Self, the Infinite Consciousness within you.”

Any authentic Guru would not be interested to describe himself as a Guru. Because they know very well that the true Guru is inside you.

Read the following quotes from two of the genuine Gurus of all time:

I am not the Guru, I don’t maintain a barrier between the true Guru (the Divine) and the disciple.”

– Lahiri Mahasaya, a quote from Kriya Yoga Synthesis of a Personal Experience

 “The Guru is the Self.”

“Self is the one and only Guru.”

– Lahiri Mahasaya, Spiritual Commentary on Kabir

Questioner: I am always at your feet. Will Bhagavan give us some upadesa (teaching) to follow? Otherwise, how can I get help living 600 miles away?

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The sadguru (the Guru who is one with Being) is within.

Questioner: Sadguru is necessary to guide me to understand it.

Sri Ramana Maharshi: The sadguru is within.

Questioner: I want a visible Guru.

Sri Ramana Maharshi: That visible Guru says that he is within

– Be As You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.

I have found this book as one of the genuine books about Kriya Yoga, which tells you exactly what you need to hear! The often misunderstood “Inner Guru” and its nature is revealed in this book!

In this book, the author describes the situation of most of the current Kriya Yoga organizations as follows:

“The manner in which Kriya Yoga is usually taught is not the best for dissolving your false identity and recognition of being God. It has too much emphasis on techniques.

Techniques end up being the goal instead of the means. One must understand that techniques are used to reach one stage. Once you get there, you must let go of the technique itself.

How many practitioners have we seen that are so attached to techniques that they can’t clearly see that the techniques are actually bounding them and preventing from going further?!  Kriya Yoga is a means, not the goal.”

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in Kriya Yoga. I am quoting just a part of the book description given in, to give you an idea about the themes which are addressed in this book:

    • Current Kriya Yoga Masters and organizations will be exposed without any biased filter;
    • The often misunderstood “Inner Guru” and its nature will be revealed;
    • The whole Spiritual Process of Kriya Yoga and Spirituality, in general, will be explained;
    • The sharing of a discovery regarding the Higher Kriyas, the Final Special Kriya, never shared before in the literature of Kriya, will boost your practice beyond belief;
    • It also includes the techniques of the First Kriya, with an in-depth explanation on how to quickly achieve Kechari Mudra that is not found anywhere else;
    • The most powerful Kundalini awakening technique that Gurus and organizations rarely teach will be given at the end of the First Kriya;
    • The ultimate question whether Kriya Yoga can lead you all the way to True Enlightenment will be answered;
    • Lahiri Mahasaya and other True Masters’ words will be used throughout the book to support what is written;
    • And much more.

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