New Year 2023 Updates

Hello everyone…

First of all I want to wish all my readers a happy new year. I know it is late but I was busy in a restaurant billing job during New year and I was kind of stuck in it. I will tell you more about it.

2022 was a totally different year for me. A lot of unexpected life events and experiences happened this year and it included both good and bad. To be more precise, they were both life changing (in a positive way) and life threatening.

As a person living in the society as a common man, I am forced by the social demands to find a social identity that gives me a more stable place in the society so that I could meet my financial needs and make a living. So, I don’t want to be just a self employed blogger and author anymore. I found a job in BPO and I am joining on January 25th. But I will continue to post whenever I get time and I will continue assisting spiritual seekers when they email me (whenever I get the free time and interest).

I recently worked for a job at a restaurant and I was handling billing & accounts. It was 12 – 13 hours of work per day and I had to work 7 days a week. I didn’t get time for anything at all except work. It didn’t feel like it was my cup of tea after two weeks. So I quit that job. It was a nice experience though; it also kind of trained my mind to prepare to meet the same old days working as an employee in a company. I came back to my native town on January 11th.

After trying for many companies, I finally got a more stable one. I went through two interview sessions over the phone and I got a provisional offer letter through email to join on January 25th. This job is for a client company in the US that handles the inbound sales of cable and internet service.

The process that I will be working for is going to be the same kind of process that I worked in during 2014 and after, when I went through the spiritual experiences and shift that I have talked about in my book. So I am pretty familiar with the kind of calls that I would be dealing with. I was a good performer in that old process and even got appreciation from the clients. Hopefully, there is going to be a good career growth as it is going to be an MNC.

If I get a supportive environment and convenient situation, I may come back to work full time on spirituality and poetry. But it may take a few years.

Many people were kind enough to help me with donations throughout my period of self employment. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your help . At the moment, I still need help for paying the security deposit for accommodation and for managing my expenses until I get my first month salary. Then I will become more stable and I wouldn’t need to rely on donations for my survival. If you want to help me, please check this link for options:

A Cry For Help – An Urgent Request

Hello everyone…

Hope you are all doing fine.. In my first two books, I discussed about Science & Spirituality and Bhakti Yoga, focusing mainly on the spiritual transformation. But there were certain unanswered questions like whether prayers and rituals help for spiritual or materialistic benefits. This is again another journey, full of experiments and learning.

I am in a serious mission to help people in all possible ways. And my experiments have been quite useful in giving me a lot of revelations and insights. They are so overwhelming, but I am still in the process of organizing everything in my mind. I will be able to articulate myself in a better way in the future. Then I may write a book or make videos regarding this subject.

In fact, my recent experiences suggest that many famous gurus who taught spirituality in the last century might not have even reached the stage that I am talking about. Because, most of them discarded rituals as useless. But it is not true. Rituals work if done with the right attitude, proper understanding and with certain level of progress in spiritual path. If J. Krishnamurti had experimented with such things, he would have seen the truth of it himself.

But here is the bottom line: Rituals work, prayers work, law of attraction works, and karma is real too in every way. You reap what you sow. Just try asking the universe what you want while lighting a small candle or lamp; be humble and establish an emotional connection with absolute reality. Make sure your wishes are realistic and give them time. (They don’t work right away; they work better for people who have gone through spiritual rebirth (twice born); they work depending on how realistic your wish is. And they work when you use the right kind of communication devices, which is already explained in agamas as well as Vedas of ancient India).

While I am genuinely working towards this goal, I receive a very little financial help and usually it is the same people who donate to me again and again. It is very sad that people dont understand the usefulness of my work. I am disappointed with the way the world treats some one who has taken his time to uncover many truths, weeding out a lot of confusions.

I am again making a sincere request to offer me some donation. Because I really need help. And trust me, you will also be blessed for helping a person like me to survive. I am not asking for luxury; I am asking for money to be able to do the things that I do, to eat and have some decent clothes to wear. If that is so unfair to ask, then I dont know what to say. Humanity is doomed to disappear because people have gone mad. In fact, humanity is already missing because my own sister asked me to get out of the house two days before (But I didn’t get out. The quarrel is over temporarily)…..

Anyway, I hope there is some human out there who will have some mercy and hear my cry for help. Here is the link for donation again with details:

A Letter to my Spiritual Friends – by Shanmugam P

This is a personal post, addressed to my readers, fellow bloggers and authors. Some of you may have contacted me and have communicated with me, while the rest of you may be reading my work in silence. I hope you are all doing fine during these tough times.

Just to give you a short introduction, I am an author of a few books and have Youtube channels in Tamil and English. I write and speak about a wide range of topics, covering the spectrum of religion and spirituality; it starts from the religion of layman that deals with myths and rituals at one end of the spectrum and the world of spiritual enlightenment or self-realization, evolution of consciousness etc on the other end. Searching for ‘Shanmugam P’ in Google will show you all my online profiles.

As I was evolving in the spiritual path myself, I used to think that the levels that an average Joe finds himself in are pointless and wrong. When I was growing out of the world of a personal God and his mythical relatives, the rituals and beliefs etc, I used to think how wrong I was before; I thought that much of what is in the religious domain is simply a waste of time. Now I know that it is not. Human experience is shaped by everything we learnt in the process; the richness of being a human is caused by all the colours and the layers in the spectrum. 

My spiritual growth has helped me to find absolute fulfillment in the present moment and made me to live in the now. But due to practical reasons that help my survival, I have a rough agenda for the future. I know what I am good at and how I can give back to the society; rather than being employed under a boss who has goals that are totally different from mine, I want to make a living doing something on my own. 

I have a variety of interests. Some of them include writing about temples and their history, interpreting and promoting spiritual literature and poetry in Tamil and Sanskrit, doing research on transpersonal psychology to create a stronger bridge between science and spirituality, sharing my own experiences to seekers etc. Probably starting an NGO will be a good idea. I am not interested in making profits; I just need to survive and help others while I live. 

I think a lot may be possible with a network of friends. Your suggestions on this are welcome. I have also made donations easier. You can now donate to me via Paypal, Stripe or a direct transfer to my bank account.

I need your support here. If you are reading this, it simply means karma is bringing us together. I am destined to write this and you are destined to read this today. I am not saying that someone decided it before; I don’t believe in that type of destiny! I am saying that things are happening the way they are supposed to happen, obeying all the natural and scientific laws. That is exactly how Karma works.

At the moment I am divorced and don’t have a source of sufficient regular income; but soon I will be married; I don’t know who is destined to live with me and I am not sure who all will be a part of the network of people that support me. But I am sure that we can make a difference together. If you have been enjoying my content, kindly consider making a donation here:

. If you want to write to me with any suggestions, ideas, request for help etc, contact me:

My Meeting With My School Principal Mrs. Usha Raman, After Two Decades

I have dedicated my book The Truth About Spiritual Enlightenment: Bridging Science, Buddhism and Advaita Vedantato Mrs. Usha Raman, the principal of the school I studied in. The school is Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal Golden Jubilee Matriculation Higher Secondary School, which is in Sankarnagar near Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu, India.

On 25th of August 2019, I visited Usha madam at her house to give her a few copies of my book, so that she could also have one for the school library and give other books to those who are interested in the circle of my teachers. The last time I saw Usha madam was about 20 years ago. So, it was a happy moment for both of us.

Mrs. Usha Raman with her student Shanmugam P

From Depression to Bliss – My Old Notes From School Days

I was going through a small bag that I have preserved since school days. I came across a few notes written by me when I was in school. I am sharing those notes with you to show you how depressed and helpless I was in school days. I have omitted certain parts of them. The practice of mindfulness was what cured me from depression and helped me realize my own nature and find my own true bliss.

Here are the pictures of those notes:
















The last picture is not very clear. I have mentioned there that sometimes I used to weep for no reason. It was a mystery for me and I didn’t know what caused my tears without reason.

My depression was very hard to bear and I thought of commiting suicide many times. But it was that suffering which made me to seek the ultimate liberation.

Love and Greed – My Poem

This poem is based on an incident that happened in my school. The teacher mentioned in the poem is Mrs. Usha Raman who is the principal of the school I studied in Sankarnagar, Tirunelveli. If you join the first letters of all the lines, you will get the sentence, ‘Mrs. Usha Raman is my guru’.

Mrs. Usha Raman, Jayendra School

“Madam, kindly help me with your wisdom!

Restless is my mind, I am stupid and dumb!

Say something that will calm my greedy mind!

Unhappy I am”, I grumbled and whined.

She was aware that I was dumb and blind.

Her words were clear, supportive and kind!

And she knew that I had a high school crush.

Roasted by my greed, I was in a rush.

As I helplessly looked, with a soft voice

My teacher said, “True love never destroys

And never hurts; you have greed! It’s not love!

No one is spoiled because of true love!

It is greed which will destroy you indeed!

So pray and ask God to transform your greed!

May your greed transform into loving care!

You’ll find true joy in compassion, I swear!”

Growing up, I reflected on her words;

Until one day I became free like birds!

Real love doesn’t want to possess or own!

Undoubtedly, by pure love, God is known!

Technology – The Miracle Of Science

Technology never stops to amaze me. It is a miracle of cultural evolution, miracle of science, a miracle that came into reality because of human intelligence. It is also personally a miracle to me because of a reason.Let us go back to the memories of the school days when Internet was not yet popular among the masses. I am talking about the days when even having a telephone was a luxury and when phones looked like one shown in the image.kisspng-telephone-5b1ea791bada95.8985520315287356337654Those days I had a lot of ambitions. I wanted to publish my poetry as a book in the future. But the traditional approach to become a famous poet is to keep sending poems to various magazines by post, gradually getting a name as a popular poet and contacting a regular publishing company to publish the work. Those days this way was the only way available to even get some visibility, to even make a few people to read your work. It took years and years of patience and hard work. But a discipline to have such patience and do a lot of hard work on a regular basis was something that I never had. I was very poor in organizing myself and I would rate myself very poor when it comes to conscientiousness.So, getting the poems published for a person like me was like an impossibility. I thought I my poems will all sit in a corner as a pile of garbage and meet destruction in the course of time. But then, a miracle happened. With the internet revolution and with the ability to be connected to the rest of the world just by using a small sleek cell phone that fits into your pocket, everything that was once an impossibility became a possibility. And I am here, able to communicate with thousands of readers all over the world and share my work! Isn’t this a miracle?Anyway, lately I was enjoying changing backgrounds in a popular app called Faceapp and it was all fun. These apps awaken the kid in me, allowing me to play with technology. This is an amazing accomplishment of technology too. I just want to share those pic here, and I am sure you will like them too:FaceApp_1564073981542.jpgFaceApp_1564074266315.jpgFaceApp_1564099121205.jpgFaceApp_1564099298069.jpgFaceApp_1564099420832.jpgFaceApp_1564342777431.jpgFaceApp_1564343325978.jpgFaceApp_1564343686620.jpgFaceApp_1564343857278.jpgFaceApp_1564343973170.jpgFaceApp_1564360206493.jpgFaceApp_1564363565403.jpgFaceApp_1564363853872.jpgFaceApp_1564364195163.jpgFaceApp_1564365399946.jpgFaceApp_1564364484846.jpg

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