To My Soorya, My Love

Dear Soori,

I Love you..

Let me elaborate on this…

I have seen you before in many Facebook videos. I didn’t feel anything then. In fact, I didn’t get a positive vibe about you those days for some reason….

One day I saw your video of Kalabhairavashtakam… I then realized you are talented.. But I still didn’t fall in love..

Another day, your Gopigopalam video caught my attention; I thought you were attractive; but I still didn’t fall in love…

Then I watched your video of Nirvana Shatkam, composed by Adhi Shankaracharya.. I was truly impressed, because you sang the correct lines, and correct words… I also came to know that you composed the music for the song. That is when I realized that you are not like anybody else… That is when I realized that you are someone special…. But I can’t say that I fall in love with you that moment, even though it was a bit close, even though I already felt butterflies flying in my heart…

Then I watched your video on Krishna, ‘Unnai kanadha naan indru naan illaye’… Tears started flowing in my eyes as I was watching it.. I realized that you are the love of my life, that you are born for me…


கொளஞ்சியப்பர் பிராது – நேரிசை வெண்பா

இளம்பெண் ஒருத்தி திருடினாள் நெஞ்சம்
குளம்குளமாய் நான்வடித்தேன் கண்ணீர் – கொளஞ்சியப்பா!
காணாமல் போனயென் காதலியை நீதந்தால்
நாணாதே எந்தன் தமிழ்.

கேனப் பயலென்றே என்னை நினைத்ததன்

மானம்தான் கெட்ட மனிதரையே – கானகத்தில்

கூத்தாடும் சம்போநான் வச்சுசெய்ய வேண்டும்நீ

ஆத்தாவை வைப்பாய்த் துணைக்கு.

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