New Year 2023 Updates

Hello everyone…

First of all I want to wish all my readers a happy new year. I know it is late but I was busy in a restaurant billing job during New year and I was kind of stuck in it. I will tell you more about it.

2022 was a totally different year for me. A lot of unexpected life events and experiences happened this year and it included both good and bad. To be more precise, they were both life changing (in a positive way) and life threatening.

As a person living in the society as a common man, I am forced by the social demands to find a social identity that gives me a more stable place in the society so that I could meet my financial needs and make a living. So, I don’t want to be just a self employed blogger and author anymore. I found a job in BPO and I am joining on January 25th. But I will continue to post whenever I get time and I will continue assisting spiritual seekers when they email me (whenever I get the free time and interest).

I recently worked for a job at a restaurant and I was handling billing & accounts. It was 12 – 13 hours of work per day and I had to work 7 days a week. I didn’t get time for anything at all except work. It didn’t feel like it was my cup of tea after two weeks. So I quit that job. It was a nice experience though; it also kind of trained my mind to prepare to meet the same old days working as an employee in a company. I came back to my native town on January 11th.

After trying for many companies, I finally got a more stable one. I went through two interview sessions over the phone and I got a provisional offer letter through email to join on January 25th. This job is for a client company in the US that handles the inbound sales of cable and internet service.

The process that I will be working for is going to be the same kind of process that I worked in during 2014 and after, when I went through the spiritual experiences and shift that I have talked about in my book. So I am pretty familiar with the kind of calls that I would be dealing with. I was a good performer in that old process and even got appreciation from the clients. Hopefully, there is going to be a good career growth as it is going to be an MNC.

If I get a supportive environment and convenient situation, I may come back to work full time on spirituality and poetry. But it may take a few years.

Many people were kind enough to help me with donations throughout my period of self employment. I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your help . At the moment, I still need help for paying the security deposit for accommodation and for managing my expenses until I get my first month salary. Then I will become more stable and I wouldn’t need to rely on donations for my survival. If you want to help me, please check this link for options:


Cursed To Love – My English Poem (A Sonnet)

Here is a sonnet that I wrote today. A sonnet is an English poem that has 14 lines, with 10 syllables each and with a rhyming scheme ABBA ABBA CDCDEE. Some people use iambic pentameter but a sonnet written without iambs is still a sonnet as long as the other rules are met.

If you join the first letter of each line and put them together, you will get the name of an important mantra in Sanskrit.

She came into sight like a beam of light;

Opening my heart, she conquered my dream;

One day, she started flowing like a stream;

Roaring with waves, she moved all day and night!

Yanking my soul, she soon threw me in love

And made my heart to beat only for her;

Gasping for her breath, I began to slur;

“Are you an angel or a mystic dove?”.

Yielding no response increased my longing

And increased my thirst to meet my sweetheart;

Tuning into her, I began to sing;

Humming along with her taught me a lot!

Raising in pitch, I found bliss in her song;

I’m cursed to think about her all day long!

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