You Are Stardust – A Poetical Story

While people choose to fall in love
with their garden rose,
I somehow fell in love with a distant star..
I cannot touch the star and I cant speak to it
so that it can hear me…

Sometimes  the clouds hide it and some times the lights nearby dont let me see it.
When the sun rises, the stars disappear..
But during the night,
If I am awake, I can see it for real;
If I am asleep, I can see it in my dreams…
But whether it is day or night, the star still shines in my heart;

When I close my eyes, it shines too..
I know that stars are light years away;
But this one star is not;

My heart beat told me that there is something else which is beating close by.. And I discovered that it was my star..

My lungs told me that there is something else which also breathes along with them..Then I discovered that it is my love with that star which also breathes in a longing to survive..

My stomach told me that it has a hard time digesting the sweet memories that the star has given me..

And my nerves always tell me, ‘we have a communication problem here.. We dont understand the language of love!’…

My brain finally told me,
‘I cant identify the red blood cells because your beloved star that shines in your heart is always red because of being shy and being in love’…

I finally gathered the courage to speak to the star directly..
I asked her, ‘who are you?’
And she said, ‘I am the same as you.. I am a star and you are a star dust.. As Carl Sagan put it, all human beings came from stars because our atoms were formed inside of stars, supernovae, and neutron star collisions”…

And I said, ‘Ok fine, how should I call you?’
She said, ‘By any name that you like’…
I decided to call her by the name ‘Sooryagayathri’..


I Love You – A Special Poem for the Valentine’s Day

I felt your love in the air, in the deep waters of great oceans, in the fertile soil on the banks of Tamraparni river, in the fire of my lamp and on the space everywhere…
I know you are looking for a divine love; I know you have been searching for it in the river banks and temples…

When I sensed that search, I recognized you; when I heard your song, I found you.. When I saw you in real, I knew that it was you….

Did the winds deliver my question? I was asking  if you recognised me.. I was wondering if you really knew that we were looking for each other all along…
We are made for each other; our hearts beat for each other; we breathe for each other.. I have told the moon and the sun to leave you a note.. Did they do?

When the waves of Bay of Bengal touched my feet, I told them that i love you.. When the tides of Indian ocean immersed me, I told them that  I miss you.. When the droplets of Arabian sea sprinkled their love on my face, I told them that I can’t live without you.. Did any of them tell you what i said?

When that cute sparrow sang by my window, I told her to let you know that i cant survive this separation. When that beautiful peacock spread her wings, I told her that I am longing for a single loving glance from you..When that colorful rainbow appeared one day, I told it that you are the rainbow of life.. Did any of these messages reach you?

When the scent of jasmine penetrated my nose, I told it that I love you; when the color of a beautiful white lotus reflected on my eyes, I told it that I love you.. When the taste of a juicy mango dissolved on my tongues, I told it that I love you.. When the touch of the soft petals of a sunflower caressed my face, I told it that i love you.. When I heard that cuckoo sing in the early morning, I told her that i love you.. Dont you still know that I love you? If you don’t, let me say it again.. I love you…

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