There Is No Second Thought – English Poem

We are in a situation to choose
one among the two choices…
A popular example is having to choose between life or death.

Well, My wish would be this..
I will either live with you or die with you…
There is no third option..

If we live together,
It is good for the world because
we can work together to change it..

If we die together,
It is good for us because
we don’t have to put up with the
stupidity of the world anymore…

There is no question of two choices for me
when it comes to love…
Because I have already chosen you…

After declaring my love to you,
I know that you are also left with two choices.
It is either ‘yes’ or ‘no’…
If you say yes, there is future..
If you say no,
there is no present tense or
future tense
left in my language. ..
Only the past tense will speak to
the upcoming generations…

Anyway, situations with two choices always haunt our lives…
We always ask,
‘Should I speak or not?’
‘Should I continue or not?
Should I live or die?

These two choiced questions have their own term in English.. It is called ‘Dilemma’..

At least, when it comes to who I should spend my rest of my life with, there is no dilemma…

I love you without a second thought: I love you without the dilemma.. And I love you because there is no second choice..

  • Shanmugam P

Love Is God – An English Poem

When love hits you,
you have no choice except being hit..
When love engulfs you,
You have no choice other than giving in..

When love blossoms,
the only choice you have is to
lose yourself in the fragrance…
When the bells of love ring within you,
the only choice you have is to
lose yourself in that magical sound..

When love speaks to you,
it is impossible to stop listening…
When love conquers you,
It is impossible to escape..

When love becomes your heartbeat,
Your heart becomes a percussion instrument..
When love enters your lungs,
Your every breath is a tune of music…
And your nose becomes a two holed flute,
which breathes in the Notes
and breathes out a Song..

Love doesn’t have age limit…
You can fall no matter how old you are..
Love doesn’t have boundaries…
You can lose your heart beyond the borders…

Love cannot be destroyed..
It will speak through memorial tombs..
Love cannot be forgotten..
It will remind itself to you through the old poems…

Love has changed histories;
Love has done its job in spite of the geographical limits..
Love has defeated the calculations of mathematical brains…
Love has challenged science…
Love has been a manure for language and literature to grow..
The bottom line is,
Without love, there is no school..
Without love, there is no children in the first place…
Without love, there is no humanity…..

Love is God… Period

  • Shanmugam P

You Are Stardust – A Poetical Story

While people choose to fall in love
with their garden rose,
I somehow fell in love with a distant star..
I cannot touch the star and I cant speak to it
so that it can hear me…

Sometimes  the clouds hide it and some times the lights nearby dont let me see it.
When the sun rises, the stars disappear..
But during the night,
If I am awake, I can see it for real;
If I am asleep, I can see it in my dreams…
But whether it is day or night, the star still shines in my heart;

When I close my eyes, it shines too..
I know that stars are light years away;
But this one star is not;

My heart beat told me that there is something else which is beating close by.. And I discovered that it was my star..

My lungs told me that there is something else which also breathes along with them..Then I discovered that it is my love with that star which also breathes in a longing to survive..

My stomach told me that it has a hard time digesting the sweet memories that the star has given me..

And my nerves always tell me, ‘we have a communication problem here.. We dont understand the language of love!’…

My brain finally told me,
‘I cant identify the red blood cells because your beloved star that shines in your heart is always red because of being shy and being in love’…

I finally gathered the courage to speak to the star directly..
I asked her, ‘who are you?’
And she said, ‘I am the same as you.. I am a star and you are a star dust.. As Carl Sagan put it, all human beings came from stars because our atoms were formed inside of stars, supernovae, and neutron star collisions”…

And I said, ‘Ok fine, how should I call you?’
She said, ‘By any name that you like’…
I decided to call her by the name ‘Sooryagayathri’..

I Love You – A Special Poem for the Valentine’s Day

I felt your love in the air, in the deep waters of great oceans, in the fertile soil on the banks of Tamraparni river, in the fire of my lamp and on the space everywhere…
I know you are looking for a divine love; I know you have been searching for it in the river banks and temples…

When I sensed that search, I recognized you; when I heard your song, I found you.. When I saw you in real, I knew that it was you….

Did the winds deliver my question? I was asking  if you recognised me.. I was wondering if you really knew that we were looking for each other all along…
We are made for each other; our hearts beat for each other; we breathe for each other.. I have told the moon and the sun to leave you a note.. Did they do?

When the waves of Bay of Bengal touched my feet, I told them that i love you.. When the tides of Indian ocean immersed me, I told them that  I miss you.. When the droplets of Arabian sea sprinkled their love on my face, I told them that I can’t live without you.. Did any of them tell you what i said?

When that cute sparrow sang by my window, I told her to let you know that i cant survive this separation. When that beautiful peacock spread her wings, I told her that I am longing for a single loving glance from you..When that colorful rainbow appeared one day, I told it that you are the rainbow of life.. Did any of these messages reach you?

When the scent of jasmine penetrated my nose, I told it that I love you; when the color of a beautiful white lotus reflected on my eyes, I told it that I love you.. When the taste of a juicy mango dissolved on my tongues, I told it that I love you.. When the touch of the soft petals of a sunflower caressed my face, I told it that i love you.. When I heard that cuckoo sing in the early morning, I told her that i love you.. Dont you still know that I love you? If you don’t, let me say it again.. I love you…

Cursed To Love – My English Poem (A Sonnet)

Here is a sonnet that I wrote today. A sonnet is an English poem that has 14 lines, with 10 syllables each and with a rhyming scheme ABBA ABBA CDCDEE. Some people use iambic pentameter but a sonnet written without iambs is still a sonnet as long as the other rules are met.

If you join the first letter of each line and put them together, you will get the name of an important mantra in Sanskrit.

She came into sight like a beam of light;

Opening my heart, she conquered my dream;

One day, she started flowing like a stream;

Roaring with waves, she moved all day and night!

Yanking my soul, she soon threw me in love

And made my heart to beat only for her;

Gasping for her breath, I began to slur;

“Are you an angel or a mystic dove?”.

Yielding no response increased my longing

And increased my thirst to meet my sweetheart;

Tuning into her, I began to sing;

Humming along with her taught me a lot!

Raising in pitch, I found bliss in her song;

I’m cursed to think about her all day long!

Old Memories and a New Miracle – A Poem About Love

I wrote this poem on 21.10.02. Those days I always wrote the date whenever I wrote poems. I don’t have to do that anymore because now I am posting my new poems in  Facebook and WordPress which already show the dates posted. Anyway, this was written 18 years before (and when I was about 18 years old) and I thought I had really lost it. I was looking for it, even though I wasn’t focusing much on that. One reason why I thought I had lost the poem is because I posted it online on a content writing website and they closed the site six years before.

Anyway, today I was simply going to my own old notebooks, to see which one would get my attention first; and the poem that I thought I had lost, was the first thing that I noticed among several hundred pieces of papers. It made me smile, because for me it was a miracle.

(Even though the topic of the poem seems to be romantic love, it is really an unconscious longing for maternal love).

A dark rainy blanket has wrapped the earth;

A gloomy round, the day has given birth;

I am here, thinking calmly about my love,

Starring without a blink, the long rainbow.

The season has scattered dark black patches;

People, for heat, are searching for matches;

In their small, simple homes of road corner;

They are like goats; those are missed by their owner.

Like they, myself too, do not know my way;

Her hot thoughts burn me like the days of May;

All green trees and grasses murmur her name;

And each drop of beauty describes her fame;

A year has passed since I met her in road;

When her lips were off in the ‘patience’ mode;

She was standing still without a response;

Which hurts my heart now, like a twig of thorns.

She made some frequent visits in my dreams;

And showed her mystic face of golden beams;

I thought it was true and opened my eyes;

I cursed my dreams; they told a lakh of lies.

Each minute seems to be a grave for joy;

In the hands of love, I am a playtime toy;

Each of my verse tries to make her figure;

They fail, tasting like milk without sugar.

When I was twelve, I met her in my school;

And wondered to see the sun which was cool;

For the first time, I lost myself in the air.

And thought, “She will be the best one to care”;

Is it possible for a rose to speak?

Have you seen singing snow on any peak?

Do you think a moon can walk with a wave?

She spoke, sang, walked and also dug my grave.

She was a good friend for the first three years;

Like all others who shared my smiles and tears;

The fourth year awaited me with a curse;

To cure the wound it gave me, she should nurse.

It was when she sat near me in the bench;

With each of her looks carrying a pinch;

My childish wish searched love in all her signs;

And tried to follow her face-printed lines.

She read my verses, laughed and chatted with me!

And made me like a honey-sucking bee;

That chants and begs before a new blossom;

And soon my hidden love fought for freedom;

My tender love troubled me when I slept;

For endless heights, my passion was a lift;

My hasty lips hurried to propose her;

My legs pulled me to wander here and there.

Like a dove that has just cheated the cage;

My thoughts flew and filled a short poetic page;

Which I gave her, after checking the time.

My fear flashed in my face like a milky lime.

Her answer peeped out as a fruity smile;

Seeing that, my heart stood still for a while;

But I could notice the bond getting loose;

My feeling broke, throwing away the screws.

Each ‘today’ was worse than yesterday;

My path became a thorny jungle way;

Yes! She denied me and left me in hell;

A cruel beauty has marked me as ‘null’.

My heart carried the load of love with pain;

My thousands of verses gave me no gain;

I believed that she will change her dry mind;

That belief took the next four years to grind.

The stars began to laugh at me during nights;

The sun teased me with hot fingery lights;

I blamed myself for being such a slave;

Who is arrested in a dirty cave.

All those recollections have crowded in;

Each of those thoughts are carrying a pin.

To pierce my heart and taste it’s beating flesh.

In this dark time, they are making a crush.

The Supreme Artist – A Poem

There is a painting in the evening sky;
There is an interesting drama in life;
There is music in the sound of birds…
And there is poetry hidden inside all of the above….

This universe is a work of art. We have all been created as a work of art; God as the essence of universe is the source of this art and God as the beautiful personification is the supreme artist.

– Shanmugam P

The Pleasure Is All Mine – English Poem

(A poem that I wrote on October 22, 2019)

May be you’ve been living somewhere close by;
May be I won’t see you until I die;
May be you live abroad, across the sea,
And may be you forgot all about me!

May be, after years, I’ll see you one day;
May be I’ll meet you when my hair turns grey;
As we shake hands you’ll see my wrinkled skin,
And you may say something that’ll make me grin.

May be that day you’d like to talk to me,
And share the nostalgic feelings with glee;
May be we’ll have a lot to laugh and talk;
And may be we’ll go for a chatty walk!

May be this all will remain a pipe dream,
No matter how awesome this all may seem!
But, so what? I hope you’re happy and fine!
If you’re happy, the pleasure is all mine!

The Pleasure Is All Mine - English Poem

You made me to die – Poem

Like a smart scientist you tested me;
To see if I deserve this sea of glee!
You put me through hurdles and throbbing pain;
To handle them, you gave me a smart brain!

When I cried, you gave me a light of hope;
I climbed the mountain of life with your rope!
After the pain of all those gloomy days,
Everywhere I saw your most gracious face!

I went to the temple and I felt your grace;
In church, you showed me your glittering face;
Near mosques, I heard your deep,majestic sound;
There were no bounds for the joy that I found!

The words fall short, when I try to thank you;
You made me to die and raised me anew!
I died to the past and woke up in God;
You cured the lifelong mental pain that gnawed!

Without knowing your oneness, people fight;
They fight for just names and forget your light;
To tell them the truth, empower my soul!
I submit to you! Your will is my goal!

Dear Christians, Hindu Deities are not Evil Spirits! – A Criticism of Christian Churches Which Promote Religious Intolerance

I have a lot to say about Christianity. First, I will let you watch a video that narrates many incidents from my life which are associated with Christianity. I will be making many videos in the future, but this is an introduction. In this video, I have spoken the truth that I have realized in my experience, which is now as clear as the sunlight to me.  Sharing my thoughts on Christianity is intended to promote religious tolerance, inter-religious understanding and peace. I speak about all religions and this post is in specific to Christianity. First, watch the video, then read the rest of this post:
The rest of this post is an answer that I wrote in Quora. But also follow the links at the end of this page. The Quora question was, ‘Why do most Christians refuse to accept “Prasad” from Hindus?

Because many churches preach that idol worship in Hinduism is Satanic and that idols have evil spirits in them. I used to have a Protestant friend, a girl, whose boyfriend is a Catholic. She wouldn’t step inside a Roman Catholic church because it has the idol of Jesus on the cross.

It is true that Hebrew Bible asks not to worship idols. But it was specifically for people in ancient Israel who were polytheists and didn’t have a strong philosophy that preaches the oneness of God. But when it comes to Hinduism, it already says God is one without a second, and idols are devices for meditation and devotion. So the idol worship that is banned in Bible is not the same as the idol worship in Hinduism.

Hinduism offers various symbols to connect with divine. The symbols include the stimuli of all the five senses. A form of God is a powerful visual stimulus that can evoke the feeling of devotion by mere exposure. This is possible because of a psychological phenomena called classical conditioning. So, in other words, Hinduism is based on deep understanding of human psychology.
Such symbolism is also present in other religions anyway. The Cresent in Islam, the Cross in Christianity, the taste of wine and the bread of the Eucharist and the melodious songs of orchestra in Church are a part of such symbolism and send powerful sensory cues.

Before there can be a real religious tolerance between various religions, people first need to understand the essence of their own religions. A Hindu cannot provide counter arguments to Christians if he himself is ignorant about his own religion.
And Christians should understand that anything that is offered to God with love is not /cannot be anti-Christian or Satanic.

I am in the process of making videos, images and infographics that promote religious tolerance and educate people about the true essence of religions.

Religious tolerance - Unity of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam

Hindu deities are not evil spirits

Idol worship in Hinduism


Christianity is all about love. When you reject a Prasad that is offered by someone with love, you are turning your face away from love; you are being anti-Christian.

Bible verse regarding love - 1 John 4:8

Bible verse regarding love - 1 John 4:16

Bible verse regarding love - Proverbs 3:3-4

By the way, this is not a post intended to attack Christians. And I am not in agreement with organizations like RSS who constantly abuse people of other religions in India. I am all for religious tolerance.


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