If there is anything you want to ask me or tell me, you can contact me by using this form. I am not able to respond to all the emails but I read each and every one of them; if there is anything very important, I will try to respond as much as possible.

I may choose to post the content of this communication on my blog if I think it will be useful or interesting for the readers. But names will be changed and any other personal information will not be included in the post.

Note: If you want to say anything about a specific post, please comment on the post instead of using this contact form. That will also allow other readers to engage in a conversation.

Paid Spiritual Consultation Over Voice/Video call: 

You can book a 30 minute session with me in a voice or a video call for $50 USD or Rs.3700. You can donate the amount to me by choosing one of the donation options  here: Then just use this contact form to let me know with the details of the payment. I will respond as quickly as possible to schedule an appointment.

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