Want to Hire Me? – May 2023 Updates

Hello readers,

Those of you who have been following posts for the last few months probably know the changes in my life. I want to share more recent updates.

I joined a BPO on January 25th. But unfortunately the process has some issues; there is no work at least for a few months until those issues are sorted out. So the employer said that they would relive me for now and update me when the process is ready to be launched again.

This has again created a problem. I have moved out of my home town and currently paying a huge amount for accommodation in a different city. I can’t go back to my hometown as there are some issues within the family. The royalties that I get from my books is a very small amount per month. So I am in need of a job immediately to take care of my survival. A person was kind enough to donate me some money to manage my expenses for now but it wont last long.

The readers of my blog and people who have supported me come from various domains. Some are employed in various countries, some are researchers and professors and there are some students too. Probably there are employers too who may be able to offer me a suitable job according to my qualification.

I may be a suitable employee in many different areas. Having had some experience in Youtube, I can even work for an Youtube channel. I can do SEO and social media marketing. I have the ability to collect data for research about religions and spirituality, as I have done quite a lot of research for my books. My professional experience in companies is in customer service domain; so I have enough training, experience and communication skills to offer customer support or technical support for a company.

So, I think it would be great if any of you who owns an organization can find a job for me there. That will put an end to all practical struggles that I have been facing ever since I moved out of my hometown. It will also make me much more comfortable to work on content for my blog and Youtube channel in the free time.

If you want to hire me, contact me here: https://shanmugamp.org/contact/

If you want to help me by offering a donation, that will be also a lot helpful. I dont know how long I have to wait before I can get hired but I do need to take care of expenses and pay my rent until that happens. If you want to donate, please find the options here: https://shanmugamp.org/donate/

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