An Invitation To The Lovers And Well Wishers Of The Humanity

Hello friends, well wishers, spiritual seekers and music lovers..

I have started a new group on Facebook about   @Sooryagayathri ​ , called as ‘ Sooryagayathri university’..The purpose of this group is not only to promote Soorya’s divine music, but also to learn things together..

Over the last few months, I have faced verbal abuses, threats, and even physical violence just because of declaring the fact that two people who have similar interests can get together for the welfare of the society.. People were quick to judge and come to conclusions..

To avoid such undesirable consequences and to keep myself safe, I have become much more careful.. But at the same time, I am disappointed with the world and the society because of many things that have happened.. Where is the intelligence of humanity? Did it get hijacked by mobile phones or did it burn to ashes because of the social model that modernisation has created?

We should talk more.. And we will.. As of now, I am sharing the group’s link:

If you want to see a new world, then dont worry.. Creation of a new world is in the process because of thousands of people who are awakened and intelligent, and thousands of people like Soorya who are passionate about  spreading happiness through divine art forms…

Thanks for reading….


From Depression to Bliss – My Old Notes From School Days

I was going through a small bag that I have preserved since school days. I came across a few notes written by me when I was in school. I am sharing those notes with you to show you how depressed and helpless I was in school days. I have omitted certain parts of them. The practice of mindfulness was what cured me from depression and helped me realize my own nature and find my own true bliss.

Here are the pictures of those notes:
















The last picture is not very clear. I have mentioned there that sometimes I used to weep for no reason. It was a mystery for me and I didn’t know what caused my tears without reason.

My depression was very hard to bear and I thought of commiting suicide many times. But it was that suffering which made me to seek the ultimate liberation.

Social Media is like a Fire – Using Facebook the Right Way

Dear friends, social media is like a fire (Just like many other things in the world are); with fire, you can light a lamp and you can also burn down a city. Social media is being used for both right and wrong reasons..

The most common usage is to share your pics, opinions, events etc with your friends. This is a great way to be in touch with your friends.


But the wrong reasons include many things and we all know it. One such example is trolling and venting out your hatred, anger, jealousy etc. And this behavior is poisoning both social media and people’s minds. What people cannot do in person is being done in social media and it may soon turn into a socially accepted behavior.

Anyway, if we use it in the right way, it has unbelievable potential. I am planning to make a video on this soon. Here are some creative ideas but their power is usually untapped by most of the people. I am using social media to it’s maximum potential and you can check my posts to get an idea:

1) Knowledge is precious. Every objective truth that we have found out and have been finding about the nature and the universe is valuable. Even the phone that you are holding on your hands right now or the computer screen you are staring at is the product of cumulative scientific knowledge that we have gathered. We can use Facebook as a knowledge sharing platform, as a tool of education. No matter who you are, you may be curious about a certain narrow field of knowledge. For example, you may be trying to build muscles and need some useful tips. Find out the Facebook groups related to your area of interest and join them. Trust me, you will want to thank me later. A word of caution though. False information spreads more rapidly in social media. Always double check if the information you find is authentic.

2. Many of us live a stressful life and need to have a good laugh once in a while. Laughter is indeed one of the best medicines. And sharing the jokes you come across with your friends is a pleasure.

3. Travelling is something people always enjoy but not everyone has the time or money for it. But fortunately technology has enabled us to watch colorful high resolution pictures and videos right in this tiny, sleek device that fits into your pocket. I have been sharing some beautiful pictures which are usually never seen on the internet. Doing such things always keeps human beings in wonder. When you are frequently exposed to the marvels of nature and reminded about the vastness of this universe, you will feel humble and can surrender very easily to the flow of nature.

4. Are you a man or woman blessed with a lot of creativity? Facebook is your stage. Don’t be shy and don’t miss out the opportunity to share your work, like painting, poetry, story, music, dance video or anything. I have seen people who are creative in just using emoticons.

5. Are you running a business? If you are not aware that there is something called social media marketing, then you haven’t done your homework.

Some people see social media as something negative. They are like people who have seen fire burning down a city but has never thought that they could light a lamp or cook food with it. Don’t be one of them. If you are worried about your privacy or security, there are tons of settings in Facebook to customize it the way you want.

Finally, one of the good code of conduct in social media is to like and share useful posts. You know what to do with this post now. Come on, are you going to ignore without sharing this? 😉


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