Spiritual Enlightenment Helpdesk

Spiritual Enlightenment Help Desk is an archive of my replies to the emails that I receive from spiritual seekers. This is to help spiritual seekers to find answers for their questions more easily. No personal details like name or contact details will be published.

To send me your questions, use this contact form: https://nellaishanmugam.wordpress.com/contact/ . Make sure you input the correct email address as my reply will come to your email.

(I am starting this page on December 2, 2020; So while I am working on including some of the old emails here, I will be regularly publishing the future conversations as long as I see that it will help other seekers).

December, 2020

I am unable to witness strong emotions

January 2021

My dark skin color causes depression and I am unable to do witnessing meditation

After coming to spiritual path, I can’t be with people and its freaking me out

Does suffering lead one to Spiritual path?

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