Marry me

Yes, I know that ‘Marry me’ is an unusual title for a page in a blog like this; but that is literally what this page is about. Yes, I am divorced and I am looking for a partner (female) in life who has similar interests or a strong spiritual thirst.

First of all, this is me:

I am 37 years old (as of Nov 6th, 2020), born in Tamil Nadu on 26th September – 1983, know Tamil, English and a little Sanskrit. The story of my life is in my blog and in my books. I got married in 2008 but my spiritual transformation occurred in 2014. Our interests were quite different and we went for a mutual divorce this year. I have a little son but he is with my ex-wife.

A little about me: I have authored a few books and have Youtube channels in Tamil and English. I am good at writing, speaking and doing in-depth research. I also write poems and sing. You can read my poems in this blog. I used to smoke and drink but now I am completely out of it. In fact, one of the missions of my life is to help people come out of their addictions, as I now understand how addiction works better than before. I read a lot and I like travelling. I am interested in psychology too.

I totally screwed up in my career because my interest was in seeking enlightenment. I worked in various call centers as customer care and technical support executive; I ended up changing more than 10 jobs in 10 years. So, I am naturally a worst choice for an employee according to the modern standards of hiring someone; I don’t even have proper documents like relieving letters from most of the companies that I worked in. I don’t work in any company as of now and rely on my book royalties and donations. I plan to be self-employed or work with someone who is doing something in the spiritual field.

In other words, I need both a loving life partner and a job (or a way or economic support to make a living); I can’t rely on traditional job seeking and matrimonial websites because my needs are very specific: both my partner and employment needs to be somehow related to my passions and interests – inclination towards spirituality. So I figured that the best thing to do is post in my own blog about what I am looking for.

This blog has helped me a lot in making money and making new friendships. What I have done online through my blog, books and Youtube videos has done more good in my life personally than anything else. I can see that the Grace of Almighty is at work here, making me to write and making you to read. I am merely an instrument in the hands of the Higher power. I have seen miracles happening because of Grace and because of this blog; so I trust that this invitation in this blog for a loving life partner will be also taken care of by the Higher power.

If you have any interest to live with me, be with me till the end as the love of my life and support my mission, please contact me here, letting me know more about you: .