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Date: Nov 25, 2020


Dear sir
I had read your books and you are one of the great writers. Your vast knowledge helps us to learn the techniques of meditation.

Sir, I am from Chennai and I have some worries due to my marriage being delayed etc. I am unable to witness my emotions or thoughts sometimes its difficult. I am getting identified with my thoughts always.

Please kindly guide me how to witness strong emotions. If you could share your contact details will be grateful.

Hope you will answer, awaiting your kind reply sir.


Reply (December 2,2020):

Dear _____,

Thanks for your feedback regarding my book.
Identification with thoughts and emotions will keep happening; but as soon as you realize that you got identified, you will be back on track and gain the ability to witness them.

One thing you need to remember here is that acceptance and witnessing go hand in hand. While you try to witness your emotions, you also need to accept the fact that you are unable to witness, when you actually face the difficulty. The more you try to change the current reality, the more frustrated your experience will be.

So do not think about achieving success overnight; in fact, the thoughts of succeeding or accomplishing won’t work because this path is about surrendering control; you succeed by surrendering to the force of life which is bigger than you. 

But as long as you remember to witness and not to get identified from time to time, as long as you are back on track after losing your focus on witnessing, you are doing a great job. Hope this helps.

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Shanmugam P

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