An Ode To The Night – An English Poem

I wrote this poem just today:

ode to the night - poem - Copy.png

Dear night! you’re beautiful at the fall of twilight,
When the reddish sky grabs our sense of sight,
When the sky gets smeared with a blackish tint
And when the trees become dark like a flint.

You’re made more charming by the milky moon,
when the adorning stars form a commune;
When the lights are off, you become darker,
Mystic, and scary like a strange stalker.

Your mystic murk at the witching hour
Touches and wakes up the midnight flower;
When the night blooming lilies rise and smile
And when the streat dogs howl, once in a while.

You start to retire at the early dawn
When the clouds get a shade of red and fawn,
When the tweets of robins bid you fairwell,
And when the temples ring the morning bell.

As the sun rises, you start to vanish,
When the eastern sky shines like a gold fish;
We look forward to seeing you again
When we call it a day and stop our strain.

  • Shanmugam P (Written on 03 August, 2018)

Life Is A Play – My Sanskrit Poem

life is a play


जीवनं कश्चित् नाटकम्

तस्मिन् लगु नटकोऽहम् ।

वायुना नीता वाणीव​

सञ्चराम्येतस्मिन् मीरे ॥

  • Shanmugam P



jīvanaṃ kaścit nāṭakam

tasmin lagu naṭako’ham ।

vāyunā nītā vāṇīva​

sañcarāmyetasmin mīre ॥



Life is a play; I am a small player there.

Like how a cloud is led by wind, I move in this ocean of life

The Day When I First Set My Eyes On You – A Poem

A poem that I wrote many years before:


The day when I first set my eyes on you,
Each of your eyes looked like a drop of dew.
Showing a fear in those dark round pupils
And a look as sharp as tall church steeples!

You began to speak but it was so rare;
Sometimes all that came from your mouth is air
Even if you spoke it was soft and mild,
With voice that sounded like a little child!

I had always wished if there was a clue
To find out what locked your lips with a glue
And I always wanted to ask you why
you were so calm, gentle, reserved and shy!

Slowly you gathered the courage to smile;
But still you were far like a lonely isle;
Shortly you began to laugh and giggle;
Not once did you shout, argue or niggle!

Like a wide, calm sea with turquoise waters
Or a big lake with fishes and yachters,
Your glance was enticing, mystic and deep
Beyond which loads of secrets were asleep!

Sometimes I wonder why lilies don’t speak
And marvel at the daisies near a creek,
Inquiring why they don’t utter a phrase;
Like you, they just remain silent and gaze!

The Song Of A Rain Cloud – My Poem

The Song Of The Rain Cloud.png

The Song of a Rain Cloud

I’m a dark rain cloud in the boundless sky

Pouring out rain wherever I pass by;

I move gently, swayed by the evening breeze,

Past the gardens, streams, and mountains with ease.


I was born without a dad or a mom;

I don’t have a name or a concrete form;

I give myself to make the flowers bloom;

To quench your thirst, I dismantle my plume.


I know no predefined path or a map;

As rain, I allow myself to unwrap;

When I lose my form, I persist to be

As every drop in every deep, wide sea.


I’m in every drop of water you drink;

Through the morning dew drops, I smile and wink;

Of the watery blood that fills your heart,

A dead old rain cloud is also a part!

–  Shanmugam. P

An Invitation To A Spiritual Journey Towards Self-Realization! – Sanskrit Poem

A recent Sanskrit poem that I wrote, in free verse:


जीवायाः गुरुत्वम् यस्मिन् अस्ति ।

यस्य आचरणं गुरुकार्यमस्ति ।

यस्य मार्गदर्शनं अन्तः स्थितेन हृदयरश्मिना सद्गुरुणा भविष्यति ।

येन मार्गेन गमनं रज्ज्वां चलनं इव सावधानेन

विवेकदृष्ट्या वैराग्यभावनया  शमादिषट्कसम्पदः प्रभावेण

मुमुक्षुत्वस्य शक्त्या करणीयं अस्ति ।

यस्मै मार्गाय सत्यस्य संश्रवणं दैनन्दिन अभियोगः गभीरा साक्षिभावना

नेति नेति मनसः कषायाणां उपरि आगमनं एतस्य सर्वस्य आवश्यकता वर्तते ।

येन मार्गेन यात्रा अस्मान् मोक्षं प्रापयते ।

तस्मिन् मार्गे वयम् सर्वम् गच्छाम ॥

Transliteration (IAST):

jīvāyāḥ gurutvam yasmin asti ।
yasya ācaraṇaṃ gurukāryamasti ।
yasya mārgadarśanaṃ antaḥ sthitena hṛdayaraśminā sadguruṇā bhaviṣyati ।
yena mārgena gamanaṃ rajjvāṃ calanaṃ iva sāvadhānena
vivekadṛṣṭyā vairāgyabhāvanayā śamādiṣaṭkasampadaḥ prabhāveṇa
mumukṣutvasya śaktyā karaṇīyaṃ asti ।
yasmai mārgāya satyasya saṃśravaṇaṃ dainandina abhiyogaḥ gabhīrā sākṣibhāvanā
neti neti manasaḥ kaṣāyāṇāṃ upari āgamanaṃ etasya sarvasya āvaśyakatā vartate ।
yena mārgena yātrā asmān mokṣaṃ prāpayate ।
tasmin mārge vayam sarvam gacchāma ॥


Let us all walk in the path

In which  lies the significance of life,

Walking in which  is very important,

For which, the guidance is offered by the light which resides in the heart, the satguru (true guru),

Walking in which  is similar to walking on a rope,  has to be done carefully, with the discrimination between what is real and what is unreal, with an attitude of non-attachment, with the impact of the six virtues and with the power of the desire for liberation,

For which  there is a necessity of listening to the truth, everyday practice, a deep witnessing attitude (choiceless awareness),  rising above the kashayas (everything that one is attached to and can be witnessed in the stream of consciousness) by realizing ‘not this, not this’ (neti neti method),

That which takes us to liberation!


You are the Truth – A Poem about Non-duality

Here is my recent poem about non-duality or advaita, which has some pointers to contemplate for anyone who is seeking the truth:

You are the Truth - The Essential Wisdom of Advaita
You are the Truth – The Essential Wisdom of Advaita

The poem in the above image is a part of the longer poem that I wrote later.. I expanded the above poem to make it a part of a story which is metaphoric and reveals the essence of the ancient teachings.. It combines the vedantic teachings, mindfulness and verses from the Bible:

You are the Truth

Carrying the weight of past in my head
And dragging the scenes which were old and dead,
I ran to grab the bliss of the future;
The more I ran, the more was the torture..

The torture of the hedonic treadmill
Followed me as I continued uphill;
I was caught in the prison of craving
With tedious thoughts, my mind was raving.

I met an ugly old man on the way
who had a long thick beard with shades of grey.
His face was shining with heavenly bliss;
In his eyes I saw an endless abyss!

“What makes you so happy in this rat race?”,
I asked him as he slowly turned his face.
He replied,”The answer is within you!
The grand kingdom of God is within you!”

“That’s a joke”, I said “Are you kidding me?”.
“No!” He said, “Turn inward, you’ll become free!
You’ve made your own boundaries inside your mind,
You’ve closed your eyes and think you’ve become blind”.

I said, “How can I get out of this trap?
I want to find the way, give me the map”
He said, “You’re the way, the truth and the life!
Be still and know you’re that, and end this strife!

You’re not your body and you’re not your mind;
Not knowing the timeless truth makes you blind;
You’re not your story and you’re not your thoughts;
You’re not those age old, buried mental knots.

You’re not that chattering voice in your head;
You’re not anything that you did or said;
You’re not anything that you have or know
You’re the truth that is watching all this show!

You’re not anything that can be perceived;
You’re not an object that can be observed;
You’re the screen where the world is being played;
You’re the emptiness where the form is made.

You’re the one witnessing the mind and breath;
You’re one without two, beyond birth and death;
Like the air trapped in a small round bubble,
You feel separate which brings all the trouble.

Inquire inside and wake up from this dream!
Let truth alone shine like a bright white beam!
By inquiry, your illusions will break;
You’ll stop mistaking the rope for a snake”

Hearing these words stopped my thoughts for a while.
Looking in, I slowly began to smile.
I watched my thoughts as they slowly passed by;
I observed my mind like a secret spy.

For years, I contemplated on his words;
I watched my thoughts fly like a bunch of birds.
One day, I woke up and realized the truth;
Since then my life has been peaceful and smooth!


Old Memories – My Poem

A soon as I woke up this morning, there was an urge to write a new poem, after many days.. So, I was caught up in a creative maze for 30 minutes and ended up with this:
(the infographic updated on 3rd Aug, 2018)
i remember - poem
I can remember the very first day,
When I left my home and then lost my way..
I can remember the very first time,
When I learnt to say that old English rhyme…
I can remember my very first sight
Of a rising sun that looked red and bright..
I can still remember my oldest dream
Which woke me up at night and made me scream…
I can still smell the scent of the wet earth
When it rained for the first time since my birth..
I can still remember that small round face
Of a cute girl who played with me those days..
I can still remember that first love song
And the days when I hummed it all day long..
The memory of my very first love
Still flies in my heart like a cute white dove..
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