What Advice would you like to give to the Followers of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev?

(I am republishing the answer that I wrote in Quora)


  1. I don’t really like to advise. So what I am going to write here is just to make certain people think about what they are doing.
  2. This is only addressed to the ‘followers’, especially those who blindly follow him and show the kind of behavior which is quite incompatible to being spiritual. This answer is not addressed to the true spiritual seekers, who are earnestly seeking liberation as the only priority and doing the Sadhana and methods given by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev.

Ok, here we go…

  1. Don’t judge others

Sadhguru usually tells a joke about a typical tea master in a teashop. The tea master talks about how Sachin Tendulkar should have played in a match and what decision the prime minister should have taken. He criticizes all the celebrities, judges them and says what they should have done. So, he sounds as if he knows more about how to play cricket and how to rule a country. But he doesn’t know how to make a good tea. 🙂

But these followers don’t realize that they are doing exactly what that tea master does. They indulge in discussions to judge who is stupid, who is spiritual and who is ignorant. They have a huge spiritual ego and just because they now know certain things that they didn’t know before and do certain things that they didn’t do before (like kriyas), they unconsciously develop an attitude that makes them to think that other people are somehow inferior. Their two favorite words are ‘stupid’ and ‘idiot’.

There is a famous video in Youtube that shows a debate between Sadhguru and Javed Akter. If you see the comments of that video, you will know what I am talking about. After reading those comments, I really can’t stop myself from leaving the following comment:

I see a lot of judgmental comments here, commenting on the intellect of Javed Aktar.. Why are you all people judging another person and calling him stupid? Who gave you the right to judge? Did Sadhguru ask everyone of you to go out and judge every person and find out who is spiritual, who is stupid and who is intelligent?

If someone thinks that he doesn’t need spirituality, he is entitled to have that opinion. If he says he is quite happy with his life and doesn’t need spirituality, let him be.

To most of the people who are commenting here saying that he is stupid, idiot and ignorant, let me ask you this question: Were you all born with some great spiritual wisdom the day you came out of the womb? Your life situations might have brought you to spiritual seeking for some reason. But it doesn’t happen to everyone simply because whatever happened in their life didn’t prompt them to seek any further.. That doesn’t mean that they are idiots or they are in anyway inferior to you…

You all have such judgmental thoughts about another person and you still think that you are spiritual? Don’t ever think that you are in anyway superior to another person just because you think you are a seeker now and that you have been meditating for a while.. There is no room for the concepts of superiority and inferiority in the realm of spirituality. You don’t have any business to comment or judge another person… Minding your own business is all about being in a spiritual path, because enlightenment is all about YOU AND YOU ONLY…

2. Don’t become a Guru yet

Another thing that you will notice from these people is that, you can get a lot of spiritual advice from these people, way more than what you can get from Sadhguru himself. They will sound as if they know even more than Sadhguru. They think they can now interpret and explain what Sadhguru says. They think they can explain to people why Sadhguru says certain things and clarify their doubts. They now think that they know more about enlightenment.

After taking just a few steps into a dense and wide forest, if you think you know the entire forest, thats really funny. But when people talk about the forest without taking a single step in, that is a big joke.

3. Don’t become a victim of ‘SIWOTI’ syndrome

Have you heard of SIWOTI’ syndrome? It is a real psychological problem that many people have. The full form is ‘Someone is wrong on the Internet’. You can witness this syndrome in many of the blind followers of Sadhguru.

According the the Rational Wiki, here is the definition for it:

SIWOTI syndrome is a strange psychological affliction affecting many Internet users – more likely an immune response than something viral.

The abbreviation comes from “Someone is wrong on the Internet“, a phrase used in #386 (“Duty Calls”). The syndrome manifests in persistent attempts at convincing people who are (definitely and indisputably) wrong that they are wrong. It is suspected that, analogous to the role of toxoplasmosis

In human aggression, the syndrome is the underlying reason for the existence of Internet flame wars, of the organized skeptical movement and of this very wiki.

I am reminded of a guy, whose name is S.P (name shortened to initials). He asked a question in Quora about the atheist’s opinion of what Sadhguru says about God. Then, he requested answers from many well known atheists on Quora. Once they gave their answers, he started an internet war with those people, trying to prove them wrong. Why??? First of all, he didn’t properly understand what Sadhguru says. He pretended he understood and started fighting with others. Sadhguru’s main intention was to make people understand that they should not pretend to know or believe in things that they really don’t know. But Sadhguru obviously didn’t ask anyone to preach this to people and try to correct everyone in the world. I don’t think that he ever said he is running a missionary.

4. Don’t create a Cult of personality

Definition of cult of personality from Wiki:

A cult of personality arises when an individual uses mass media, propaganda, or other methods [which?] to create an idealized, heroic, and at times worshipful image, often through unquestioning flattery and praise. Sociologist Max Weber developed a tripartite classification of authority; the cult of personality holds parallels with what Weber defined as “charismatic authority“. A cult of personality is similar to divinization, except that it is established by mass media and propaganda usually by the state, especially in totalitarian (or sometimes authoritarian) states.

It happens a lot. You can also witness this in many of Sadhguru’s followers. Some of them even have a mild ‘Celebrity worship syndrome ’ .

Here, I want to mention quote of Lucretia Mott:

“… my convictions led me to adhere to the sufficiency of the light within us, resting on truth as authority, rather than “taking authority for truth.”“, quoted in “Eminent women of the age

Sadhguru himself said it in a podcast: Truth is Authority. Authority is not Truth

Why am I mentioning it here? Sadhguru is not asking you to spend your time in idealizing and worshiping him. He says that he offers tools and methods for your well being. Your valuable time should be spent on trying those methods to liberate yourself and be enlightened first. The truth that you see, the absolute reality that you realize as the result of your Sadhana is the authority, not Sadhguru himself.

5. Don’t comment on internet posts without reading and understanding it fully.

This actually happens as a side effect of cult of personality that I explained in #4. In their attempt to obsessively defending their leader, they quickly comment on internet posts that criticizes their leader without reading the full post. Don’t be surprised if you witness this in this answer, it may happen 🙂 . Because, the followers of Sadhguru do this a lot.

I recently witnessed a hilarious example for this. One guy, who wanted to support Sadhguru, uploaded a video in Youtube which was in response to some of the allegations against Sadhguru. But he actually worded the title of the video in a different way so that it sounds like the video is about defaming Sadhguru. He intentionally did that as he mentioned later in the comments, because he wanted the critics of Sadhguru to watch that video and understand the truth. The content of the video actually explains that those allegations are false. But something unexpected happened. The comments which later appeared for that video were from the followers of Sadhguru. They started abusing the uploader in their comments. This, obviously is the result of commenting on a video without watching it.

They also upvote or like the posts blindly. They don’t really worry about the validity of the content of a particular post. They just skim through the content quickly and think ‘Does this post criticize Sadhguru in any way? let me downvote it.. Does it praise him in anyway? Let me upvote it’… Sometimes they upvote a content just because it praises Sadhguru, even if the content is completely contradictory to what Sadhguru says.

6. Don’t ridicule Logic and Reasoning

This is an important point, because a lot of Sadhguru’s followers have a weird aversion towards logic and reasoning.

You may have heard many mystics say that logic and reasoning is not helpful in understanding absolute reality. You can’t understand the nature of enlightenment with logic and reasoning alone. It is true. But it only applies to the ultimate reality, the eternal witness, the absolute truth (or Brahman, nirvana or by whatever name you want to call it).. It doesn’t apply to anything that is objective. And, your thoughts, emotions, perceptions and sensations are also objective because you can witness them. If you want to understand the truth of anything that is objective, you need to use logic and reasoning .And, if you want to understand that which is the eternal witness, you need to meditate..

In the debate between Sadhguru and Javed Akter, you may hear Javed saying ‘One of the things that these spiritual leaders do is to advise people not to use their minds’.. Sadhguru, in response to that, said ‘I never said anyone not to use their minds.If you have gone to wrong gurus, then I am not responsible.’… Understood? Sadhguru never told you not to use your mind!

You may want to this answer for more clarification: Shanmugam P’s answer to There is an article on Nirmukta website that critically analyzes Sadhguru’s statements. Is the way Sadhguru was exposed by Nirmukta community genuine?

7. Done talk about anything that is not in your experience

Here is an excerpt from Sadhguru’s book ‘Enlightenment – An Inside Story

Questioner: What is the difference between mind and atma?

Sadhguru: Oh! (Laughs). Which atma are you talking about? What atma have you experienced? You know the function of the mind to some extent, but atma — what do you know about it? You are talking about stories that other people have told you. To put it very bluntly, the moment you start talking about what is not in your experience, you are just lying to yourself, is it not? So don’t talk about atmas. About mind, we can see.

I just want to remind what Sadhguru says to these followers. Because, when they begin to act like gurus (refer #2), they talk about all kinds of things that they have heard from Sadhguru. But Sadhguru really doesn’t ask you to do that.. He wants you to try the methods that he has given to you.

Sadhguru asks you to be skeptic. He says that skeptics are the true seekers . It is true.. A believer can never be a seeker.

8. Don’t make assumptions about the questioner based on the question.

There are two kinds of questions. There are some troll questions that I have seen which presupposes something in the question itself. In Quora, I have seen such questions. They are asked to troll people, not because the questioner genuinely expects an answer.

But I saw a Youtube video where the questioner asked Sadhguru ‘How do I know if you are not Ram Rahim?’.. Do you think there is anything wrong with the question? Do you think the questioner was stupid just because he asked this question? No!

The questioner doesn’t seem to know about Sadhguru. He probably heard about him for the first time. Since there has been many abuses in the name of spirituality and since the case of Ram Rahim is very recent, it is natural for such a question to arise to many people when they meet a new spiritual leader. The questioner didn’t accuse Sadhguru of anything, he didn’t have any preconceived idea about him. He just asks a question that starts with ‘How’… But if you read the comments on that Youtube video, you will see that people accuse him of being a stupid…

A commentator starts by saying this:

Some idiots find joy in equating Ram Rahim with Sadhguru, Open your freaking eyes and go around the country.

And that comment has 16 likes!!!

9. Don’t create unnecessary prejudice against anything

Prejudice and spirituality don’t go together…Prejudice is anti-spiritual. But I have witnessed some people show prejudice against science, other gurus, people who are not spiritual etc.. The worst thing happens when they show prejudice against foreigners.

Consider the following comment that I saw online from a follower:

You shall be proven wrong, and you obviously don’t know what I mean by common sense, no physicist today can compare themselves to tesla and Einstein, why Is this? Becuse they are materialistic, arrogant and think they know everything and everything exists in the 3d world.

He is very confident that all physicists are materialistic, arrogant and think they know everything. Really? How many physicists in the world did he meet to come to this conclusion? How can all of them arrogant? This is prejudice..

Let me show you a worst case.. A question was asked to a famous Quoran to know what he thinks about Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. Here is the answer given by him:

I had never heard of him before someone mentioned him in one of his answers. I am listening to the Sadhguru videos on YouTube now. I think that Yogis like this spend most of their time thinking about stuff so they usually have some interesting insights.

This video about awareness is interesting.

And, here is a comment posted by a follower in response to this answer:

How did this follower guy come to a conclusion that the person who answered the question as ‘bitter arrogant American’? Prejudice! When I read his answer, I only sense some admiration for Sadhguru.

10. Do the programs of Isha Foundation

Enough of the don’ts… The above 9 points have sufficiently addressed them. But this point is very important…

Do you understand the purpose of all the youtube videos of Sadhguru? Do you understand the purpose of his talks and what he really wants you to do? Do you understand what he means when he says ‘I don’t have any teaching, I only have methods’ ? Do you understand how you can actually try those methods?

Sadhguru spends all his time talking and lecturing because he wants you to do the programs in Isha more than anything else. He wants you to focus on your spiritual practice. He doesn’t want you to argue with people, label them with names, start a missionary, preach others and worship him. He wants you to do Isha programs, period!

I am reminded of a guy who started an argument with me to prove me wrong on my answer that I wrote against blindly following an authority. All I wanted to stress in that answer was that no person is infallible, even if they are enlightened and that blind following is a big problem. But he seemed to be a severe victim of ‘SIWOTI’ syndrome (refer point 3). He even gave me some spiritual advice. He answers a lot of questions about Sadhguru and gives spiritual advice to many people. He even used a lot of abusive words in some comments. And I was surprised to read one of his answers where he declares ‘I have not done any programs in Isha yet’.. What???

Hope you get my point!

You may also be interested in this answer of mine: Shanmugam P’s answer to What is your review of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (Indian yogi)?



Author: Shanmugam P

I am a blogger and a self-published author. My book "The Truth About Spiritual Enlightenment: Bridging Science, Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta" is a guide to the ultimate freedom, bliss and oneness. The book is based on my own experience. My book "Discovering God: Bridging Christianity, Hinduism and Islam" shows how all three major religions of the world lead to the same truth. I am a past student of Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal Golden Jubilee Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sankarnagar, Tirunelveli District.

24 thoughts on “What Advice would you like to give to the Followers of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev?”

  1. Very good advice. Ive done a few of Sadhguru’s programs and went to his ashram in Coimbatore. Good experience overall but there did seem to be a bit of a tendency to worship him. It felt like a bit of a cult of personality at times.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Shelley, I remember you.. 🙂 Hope you are doing good. I have visited your blog too. You should be able to reset the password to regain the access to your blog or you can just create a new one for you to write blog posts… Thank you for commenting and I wish you a very happy new year. 🙂


          1. I have been doing some further speculating and looking into Osho and was quite shocked to see how materialised he was with 93 rolls Royces and many other pointless riches.. I don’t find him being nowhere near as helpful as Sadhguru is, just it’s quite evident that Sadhguru cares for our planet etc etc I don’t see any of that with Osho, he even looks rich in his velvet most of the time… I think all philosophers and gurus will just spin you in circles… It really is an inside thing..


            1. I kind of expected that you would say this.. 🙂 I hope you remember what I said in one of my emails : “There are controversies with Osho too. But Osho’s ways very different, according to what he said. Also, he didn’t hide anything. I am sure you will come across criticisms against Osho too. But I know that his guidance for spiritual enlightenment was very good and it helped me tremendously. You can read my comments on Osho here: https://www.quora.com/To-whom-must-I-follow-for-a-spiritual-path-Osho-Shri-Shankar-or-Sadguru/answer/Shanmugam-P-12

              Not just Rolls Royces, you will actually come across worse controversies about Osho. I read many of his books and listened to many of his talks for about a decade. And there are some unique contributions when it comes to Osho:

              1) Before Osho, spirituality was all about denying life. Many people ended up suppressing their natural desires in order earn the status of a ‘saint’. The intentions of these people are more of the egoic trap of longing for a saintly self-image more than anything else. They just spun a spiritual cocoon over their life denying attitude. Osho actually went to extremes to break this pattern. True spirituality cannot be possible by repression but by acceptance. People first need to accept their own reality, their nature of mind instead of pretending to be what they are not. Osho was absolutely against all kind of hypocrisy. He insisted that a person has to go through inner-transformation before he attempts to save the planet. This is also a reminder to realize that many people who are pretending to save the planet are actually attempting to do so to increase their reputation. It is like an advertising campaign. It can be compared to how a politician pretends to be saving the world in order to get votes. Read what Osho himself has to say about his Rolls Royces: http://www.oshoworld.com/biography/innercontent.asp?FileName=biography8/08-20-rolls.txt .

              Osho claimed to play a joke with Rolls Royces in order to create wordlwide attention for what he has to say. Now, you may get a question: What if Osho was really obsessed about Rolls Royces but justified his behaviour by saying he was playing a joke? Yes, It is indeed a possibility. No one could know what went on inside his mind.. But strangely enough, whatever he claimed as his intention was, worked the way he said it was supposed to work. It indeed helped people to break some of the old patterns. And it is because of Osho, people find it easy to accept Sadhguru flying a helicopter. It is also true that most of the followers of Sadhguru already admire Osho. Osho kind of prepared the ground.

              2) Another contribution of Osho was, he helped to get a peek inside our own unconscious tendencies.. When it comes to self-realization, it is very important to be aware of the unconscious tendencies of our mind and the ego. He made us aware that how our ego wants to take credit for self-realization and how ego tries to enters through backdoor in various ways to assert its existence and to reinforce the illusion of separate self-. Nobody else except Osho did a good job when it comes to this.

              3. He also distilled the whole spiritual path and gave us the essence. In this sense, another main contribution was his elaboration on ‘witnessing meditation’. This is a very powerful technique. I have explained about it in my book as well.

              4. Many of his talks were intended to break our conditioning as well. Every human being is conditioned and programmed by society and religion. He identifies with his own beliefs and beliefs become an authority for him. Osho not only broke this conditioning by his talks and his harsh criticism on religions, he also guided people to follow their own light.

              5. Another thing I appreciate about Osho is his honesty. He admitted that he is not infallible and he did everything in open. He did not attempt to hide anything. Thus he wanted to remind that spiritual enlightenment is not sainthood. He reminded about how ordinary it is.

              But I don’t have any interest to idealize or glorify him. That is not his intention as well. He himself said that he is not perfect and he also clarified that spiritual enlightenment is not about attaining perfection.

              But when you compare Osho and Sadhguru, Sadhguru is not original at all. Even though Osho essentially talked about something which has been said over and over for the last 2600 years by other masters, Osho’s expression and the way were original. His style of separating the truth from illusion is original. Sadhguru is just an imitation of Osho.

              Anyway, keep reading and listening to Osho. You can take what you want and leave the rest. I am sure he will be more helpful than Sadhguru when it comes to offering guidance for self-realization.


              1. That was so well written and I am so grateful I get to share my opinions about Osho and Sadhguru with a very intelligent being 🙂 I read an article today on his reply to mother Teresa I can forward you the link when I find it, I thought it was absolutely remarkable and could definitely come from someone who held some level of consciousness… Oh I also had one query on my mind regarding Jaggis wife’s death, if enlightenment was so rare how could it be that she achieved so and passed, he also claims that he got irritated that she got up and moved during a meditation session, I also thought it to be odd that an enlightened being get irritated by something so simple as just his wife getting up and leaving for a few moments…. On another note I was checking out his hatha_yoga_teacher training which costs 10.000USD that is a huge amount of money the most expensive teacher training I’ve actually seen but you do get 1800hour training, but why not any less, it’s quite odd once again.. Is here any legitimate gurus to this day do you believe? I wish to go to India soon, perhaps this year or next and would love to meet a guru, if that’s even possible. Thanks for your message it’s very informative 🙂


              2. Very interesting article on his rolls Royces, and just before I began to read it, I thought to my self why am I even bothered about his rolls Royces like what is it to do with his message etc and then as I read he began to say the same thing lol… Very good read 🙂


                1. Shelly, thank you for your comments 🙂 . Yes, I have read his talks about Mother Teresa too.
                  Regarding the death of Sadhguru’s wife, I don’t think the version he is presenting is completely true. While I regard Sadhguru’s claim of enlightenment itself with skepticism, it is perfectly possible for an enlightened person to be annoyed or even angry. There are genetic traits which still remain after enlightenment.
                  But there are no conflict or regrets as far as an enlightened person is concerned. In fact, anger can be a very helpful weapon when it comes to social situations. Even if a person has absolutely no feeling of anger, he may have to pretend to be angry at times when dealing with people. When a person is very nice, people can very easily take advantage of him. But the anger of an enlightened person is not unconscious and not motivated by ill will either. And I agree that his frustration during that incident sounds a little odd. I think it will be better for you to not focus on finding other odd things about Sadhguru though and focus more on listening to Osho. You can try practicing ‘witnessing meditation’, something I recommend to all seekers.
                  I am not sure about any other gurus in India. There may be numerous legitimate Gurus but I doubt if they are public figures.You can check out Lakshmana Swamy, a disciple of Ramana Maharshi. I have a book which has his talks and it is pretty useful, as far as I remember. He is not usually interested in meeting seekers but many people have met him by waiting for some time near the gate of the Ashram. Their Ashram is in Tiruvannamalai and his disciple Saradamma who claims to be enlightened also lives in the ashram. I have never met them. I must admit that I don’t know much about them but you can share your experiences in case you get to talk to him when you visit India. Here is the website: https://mathrusrisarada.org/
                  Regarding Osho, you can make use of the free library in Osho.com: http://www.osho.com/iosho/library/the-books . A free registration is required. There are numerous other websites which have the excerpts of his talks. If you search for Osho in Google, you can find many.


                  1. Thank you for your reply once again 🙂 very helpful and I will check out the links, and I have to agree with what you said about looking for faults or what not in sadhguru.. It is merely a waste of time and that is becoming clearer to me. I found this article or online book I’m not to sure what the source is but its about Osho i think you may be interested in it if you haven’t read it already.. http://meditation-handbook.50webs.com/osho2.html
                    Remember our emails, the last one was about the mirror, well I had said I had never come across anything to clarify what it was until the other day I seen it on a website, consciousness shifts in the mirror someone stated, although with me when I stared in the mirror i would begin to not recognise my self and I would be in complete awe and shock I was a human, but I was not the human I was in the human or somehting like that, very very profound but what ever it was always happened for temporary moments of staring in the mirror, but growing up I questioned reality endlessly and new everything around me seemed fake as such, I was very in tune with nature and spent a lot of time alone being an only child with not many friends, a rather strange up bringing and honestly I did lose this natural way as I grew older but always wondered for so long and I have come to the conclusion that it was consciousness, pure conscious awareness without human form in it at all . So my mission is to find out more about that seeing as I have more understanding and have slowly started returning to my true self, but being careful not to create some true self identity as I’ve fallen into that trap already


                    1. You are welcome.. this is the first reply I got after my reply with the link to Osho.com. So if you had replied before that, I think it didn’t get through properly


                    2. Oh dear, it didn’t come through then.. I was speaking about the mirror experience and how I actually found something related to it online for the first time and it this particular article I found suggested a technique that includes staring into the mirror (shift in consciousness) is all he said about the over all technique, he said that words just couldn’t explain the experience, which reminded me of my experience, I could never explain what it was, words didn’t do it justice and it sounds crazy not knowing your self in the mirror lol, but anyways I concluded that that looking back in the mirror was indeed pure conscious awareness… I just wanted to share this with someone who will understand as I don’t have these conversations with anyone… I wish now to look a little further into it and how one can make consciousness arise without a mirror and what that would feel like. I did experience something else 2017 as I sit looking at the TV I felt all my five senses expanded to infinity but only for a few moments, I have not verified that experience with anything either.. I have experienced some very odd things, things I can’t verify anywhere.


                    3. Thank you.. your previous comment was in spam for some reason, I just approved it.. Yes I have read that link, it is a criticism written by Christopher Calder, an ex-disciple.. I am planning to write a much detailed post on Osho which will make people to see everything in a totally different perspective…

                      Thanks you sharing your experiences… They are interesting 🙂 Experiences can differ depending on the individual. Not all the spiritual seekers go through the same kind of experiences.


                    4. I thought you may have read it and I’m glad you have 🙂 I look forward to your posts.. I too intend to write soon but when I sit down to write my mind goes blank so I know it’s not the time to write, for some reason I got to sit and words seem meaningless, perhaps it’s just the moment or what ever…
                      Yeah I noticed how most of my experiences happened when I wasn’t seeking anything spiritual at all, one time when I questioned my own sanity so much I thought I was going to go mad after coming across a very pushy religious person, now religion never worked for me ever. And at this particular time after meeting this religious person I became a bit naive and he tried to push all the philosophies out of me claiming to be some character from the Bible, and in turn me being a fool I started to believe him but when I did somehting Within didn’t seem right and that’s when I questioned my sanity, and I actually pleaded with somehting higher or other than my self to show me we can’t just be this, and then 10 minutes later a huge big ball of white light lit up in my room and scared me to death nearly, and slowly moved out of my room… That’s another experience I can not verify or tell many people without being called insane….


                    5. Interesting.. 🙂 All experiences come and go.. They are as impermanent as other things that arise and pass away.. Many experiences may be interesting and even seem to be magical, but in reality, nothing is a miracle, by which I mean that nothing happens against the natural laws, ..

                      There is a quote attributed to Albert Einstein but not sure if he really said it; but the quote has a deep meaning: “There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.”

                      Nothing can be a miracle because everything happens according to natural laws, there should always be an explanation for it even though the explanation is not yet found. But anyhow, if you see the life and the universe as wonder, everything is miracle! It is so wonderful that we are able to communicate with each other even though we are miles away, and that is a miracle! Our own existence is a miracle too.

                      Anyway, when everything that is witnessed in consciousness or awareness arise and pass away, one thing that doesn’t change throughout our lives is the pure awareness itself, which witnesses everything that arises and passes away… It is always important to discriminate between these two: the everchanging world and the unchanging substratum.

                      I won’t be surprised about such experiences because there are so many possible reasons. But they are not always a sign of insanity. While these experiences are interesting, it is very important to not to add our own imaginary meaning or explanation to it; and also it is important to not to identify with them or cling to them.

                      Only because of adding such imaginary explanations, many religious beliefs or cults are born. It is no wonder that ancient people attributed storms, famines and earthquakes to God’s anger or Satan’s mischief.

                      You can read my book if you wish: https://www.amazon.com/Truth-About-Spiritual-Enlightenment-Bridging/dp/1973364549 . I wrote it based on my own experience as well as my research on ancient traditions.


                    6. Yes I have been trying not to add any further meanings or explanation and just accept that I do not know and that maybe one day I will know, till then all I can do is wonder. Wow it’s very impressive that you have wrote a book you certainly seem to be very well educated & literate 🙂 what a pleasure to coincide.


  2. @Shanmugam
    What do you think about Jiddu Krishnamurti?
    What is the purpose of life?
    Why we here on earth?
    Thank you


  3. it is not my advise or suggestion or opinion it is the vedic version that in this age of kali people are unfortunate and misguided about real spiritual life they are misleaded by false gurus not only jaggi vasudev but also similar other gurus who defy the authority of vedas and give their own version of ideas and thoughts in respect of self realisation. hatha yoga is prohibited as per sastras in this age and one who recommends hatta yoga is a fool. meditation is practised in the age of sathya yuga and not in this kali yuga.


  4. Fantastic write-up! I love attending the programmes, but have always been put off by this tendency to worship the individual. I am hoping to visit the Coimbatore centre soon. Thanks a lot again for this piece.


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